Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?

Every so often in life, you will hear someone say “well there are so many different opinions on x, therefore I am completely entitled to believe y” at which point they introduce a completely new option that no sane person in the debate would ever endorse. The belief that there are lots and lots ofContinue reading “Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?”

Following the Science (Guest post)

Here is a guest article from Michael Ots (this was delivered at the Affinity day conference “Coronavirus and the Church of Jesus Christ). Michael is an evangelist with a lot of experience of delivering apologetics talks in University settings. It is a privilege to be able to speak about this topic but at the sameContinue reading “Following the Science (Guest post)”

Were we prepared?

I remember the pastor of a church I used to attend commenting that rarely when people are in the midst of the crisis is that the time to try and teach them how to face the situation.  Rather, if we are going to get through the challenge of a health, work or relationship crisis thenContinue reading “Were we prepared?”

You can’t stop a virus from spreading that has already spread

This week the Welsh First Minister announced that people living in Tier 2 and 3 areas in England would be banned from entering Wales. Ostensibly this is to help prevent or reduce a spike of cases in Wales. I suspect that in reality, this is more about the type of political posturing I complained aboutContinue reading “You can’t stop a virus from spreading that has already spread”

This isn’t the pandemic we were expecting

Whilst pandemics are frightening things we dread, when one strikes it can send a bit of an adrenaline rush can’t it?  That’s why we have been hooked by films and TV dramas like 28 Days Later and the Last Ship. Did the adrenaline kick in for you just a little bit back in February/March whenContinue reading “This isn’t the pandemic we were expecting”

Why are people still obsessing about national lock downs and circuit breaks?

Okay, I admit it, I don’t get the point of another national lockdown, even as a short sharp shock via a circuit break.  People will remember that we went into the first lockdown with the hope that it would be exactly that, a short sharp shock over 3 or 4 weeks and over by Easter.Continue reading “Why are people still obsessing about national lock downs and circuit breaks?”

Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID

It didn’t take long for our politicians to step into the gutter over the pandemic did it. We’ve had cheap stunts like “Eat Out to Help” from the chancellor and we have had Boris insulting the Labour leader as Captain Hindsight whilst refusing to give serious answers to questions and treating scrutiny as a nuisance.Continue reading “Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID”

The First Council of Coronavirus?

Back before schisms and apostacies kicked in, the way that the Church dealt with challenging issues was to pull people together and Biblically, prayerfully and  thoughtfully hammer things out. Of course sparks flew as sharp disagreement happened. However, those Councils produced moving creeds and thoughtful Theology helping the church to think carefully on issues suchContinue reading “The First Council of Coronavirus?”

Surviving the pandemic with depression and anxiety

It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay so I thought I’d share some quick thoughts on surviving through the Coronavirus pandemic with depression and anxiety. So, in no particular order, here are some suggestions. If you are taking medication, continue to take it and review with your GP. Don’t suddenly stop. Make sure that you have a sufficient supply inContinue reading “Surviving the pandemic with depression and anxiety”

Death, sympathy and Distinguishing – Is Donald Trump equivalent to Bin Laden?

Have a watch of this video clip.  I wonder if you can spot the mistakes that Ash Sarker makes in her response. Sarkar’s argument is that she sympathises with those who have been celebrating Donald Trump’s illness and wishing for his death for three reasons. That we use black humour to cope with tragic situationsContinue reading “Death, sympathy and Distinguishing – Is Donald Trump equivalent to Bin Laden?”