Lockdowns and Christian Witness

Yesterday I explained why I believed that the Church should challenge the current lockdown measures but also why we should comply with them if unsuccessful.  A big part of my argument is the priority of Christian witness. If eschatologically, we are focused on the great gathering of God’s people to come, then yes part ofContinue reading “Lockdowns and Christian Witness”

An open letter to Boris Johnson: Please reconsider the impact of lockdown 2 on churches, businesses and community groups

Dear Boris, I know that what I’m about to say will go against the grain in terms of where the pressure on you is coming from. I understand as well that your decision to move to another national lockdown will have been taken reluctantly. However, I am writing even at this late stage to askContinue reading “An open letter to Boris Johnson: Please reconsider the impact of lockdown 2 on churches, businesses and community groups”

Focus on the desired outcome

I had an intriguing conversation with someone about lockdown this morning. As readers will know, I’ve argued that it makes little sense to require even stricter lockdown measures for those already under strict measures whilst those not under the same level of restriction continue without any change. I’ve particular focused on the way that schoolsContinue reading “Focus on the desired outcome”

lockdown scepticism v COVID scepticism

You may increasingly be hearing people described as, or even describing themselves as lockdown sceptics. These are people likely to be disagreeing with the Government not (as seems to be the majority case) for doing too little too late about the virus but for doing too much.  A lot of the suspicion comes from aContinue reading “lockdown scepticism v COVID scepticism”

“You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?

Remember Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to the General Election in 2017. A lot of us are no doubt feeling like that about the prospect of another national lockdown. Of course there are a lot of people pushing heavily for one too. As a Christian and a church leaders I believe it is important that weContinue reading ““You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?”

The current Evangelical scepticism about science and modelling could do long term harm

There is a narrative that is gaining traction at the moment which runs along the lines that we are resisting an authoritarian agenda led by “The Science” and fed by dodgy models.  From this perspective, attempts to model and forecast should be ignored as worthless trash whilst our efforts to control and defeat a pandemicContinue reading “The current Evangelical scepticism about science and modelling could do long term harm”

Is our approach to COVID-19 really that novel?

One of the claims that is doing the round at the moment is that not only is COVID-19 itself novel but that the approaches we have been taking to combat the virus are new. The argument is that suddenly we are using things like masks, social distancing and lockdowns to attempt to control a virusContinue reading “Is our approach to COVID-19 really that novel?”

We’re all in this together

I love the story of Ruth in the Old Testament. Not so long back we spent a few weeks working through it together as a Home Group. The story is of a family who leave Bethlehem during a famine for Moab. It’s a story about economic migrants. They settle in Moab and the sons marryContinue reading “We’re all in this together”

The real problem with Gnosticism

I’ve written on this subject a few times now because “Gnosticism” seems to be the label of choice when we want to attack the position of other Christians. I think there are two problems with this. First of all, I think it prevents us from understanding the actual position of people we disagree with includingContinue reading “The real problem with Gnosticism”

Why I signed a petition against closing Welsh Churches

The Welsh First Minister has announced a number of controversial measures over the past week. First of all he stated that people in Tier 2 and Tier 3 category areas from England would be banned from entering Wales. Then on Monday 19th October he announced that Wales would go into a Circuit Break and churchesContinue reading “Why I signed a petition against closing Welsh Churches”