Gospel Maths (2) Barriers to multiplication

In the last post, I talked about why I think we should be concerned about multiplication and shared a little of what we’ve seen over the past decade. Here I would like to highlight some of the barriers and obstacles we can face towards multiplication. 90% of the battle when dealing with an obstacle isContinue reading “Gospel Maths (2) Barriers to multiplication”

Gospel Maths should = multiplication

In Genesis 1, humans receive a commission, a mandate to multiply and to fill the earth. In Matthew 28, this is mirrored by the Great commission, a mandate to make disciples or in other words to spiritually multiply.  It is worth noting that in Matthew 9 the problem identified is not that the harvest isContinue reading “Gospel Maths should = multiplication”

The urban mission field is not a playground

There are a number of parachurch organisations dedicated to encouraging people to get involved in evangelism and world mission. There’s often a focus on young people and an emphasis on short term missions. Now, this is one of those articles where lots of disclaimers are needed and I’m running the risk of causing offence.  So,Continue reading “The urban mission field is not a playground”

Faithroots Urban Mission and Urban Training

As you know, our exact longer term future is rather up in the air. We’ve been taking time over the last couple of months to listen to options and will now be giving a lot of prayer as we seek discernment on where to follow up. We’ll hopefully be able to share a bit moreContinue reading “Faithroots Urban Mission and Urban Training”

The Accidental Church Planter (Part 2): The unexpected plant

It was a Saturday afternoon in early January and we had opened up the building for a half day of prayer. Towards the end, a cluster of people walked in. I knew two of them because they were regular attendees by now. They introduced us to the other couple. Jose and Patti were Mexican refugeesContinue reading “The Accidental Church Planter (Part 2): The unexpected plant”

The Accidental Planter (part 1)

Back in 2011, we had a series of church members meetings and an way day to tackle the theme “Space to Grow”. The Chapel building holds about 100 people, we can get up to 120 in at a squeeze with some overspill into the foyer. In reality the true, comfortable capacity of the building isContinue reading “The Accidental Planter (part 1)”

Please support a church plant in Rochdale

The Christian world is a small one and so every so often you find that a friend from one context has made a connection with another friend leading to Gospel partnership.  Here is one fantastic example leading to an urban church plant in Rochdale. I met Stephen Watkinson at Oak Hill Theological College. Stephen wasContinue reading “Please support a church plant in Rochdale”

ActBC Urban Church Planting Update

Here’s a version of the ActBC newsletter I sent out today. If you are interested in becoming a prayer partner/supporting any of these church planting/replanting initiatives please drop get in touch via the contact form Dear friends, It has been a little while since I sent round an update on our attempts to encourage urbanContinue reading “ActBC Urban Church Planting Update”

Urban mission is both urgent and longterm

As our time at Bearwood Chapel comes to a close, we wanted to take time to listen to others to find out where the need is and where we can best help in terms of urban Gospel mission. Over the past few weeks I’ve been having lots of conversations, some have been with people I’veContinue reading “Urban mission is both urgent and longterm”

40*40 The cost of urban mission

One of the things that Sarah and I have been considering is the possibility of pioneer church planting work. If we go for this option then we will need to be looking ourselves at the support and funding needed for this. At the same time, I have been committed to seeking to help raise upContinue reading “40*40 The cost of urban mission”