Keep the Nightclubs closed

Where is the biggest risk going to be over the next few weeks as we move out of the final stages of restrictions? I suspect it won’t be in churches as we move back to normal worship, it is clear that churches are seeking to do this responsibly. It won’t be in your local supermarket.Continue reading “Keep the Nightclubs closed”

The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening

So, how do you feel about the decision to end COVID-19 regulations on the 19th July? Some of you are no doubt excited and relieved to see those measures coming to an end, others perhaps frustrated that the end didn’t come sooner and many feeling extremely anxious, concerned that this has come too soon andContinue reading “The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening”

Update on Churches, COVID-19 reopening and risk assessments

Here’s a further update from my post earlier this week as you seek to prepare for post 19th July worship.  The first crucial piece of information is that the Government have now published updated guidance for churches.  You can read it here. The key things to  note are that As expected, churches are encouraged toContinue reading “Update on Churches, COVID-19 reopening and risk assessments”

The risks for churches post 19th July

After the 19th July, the Government will remove all remaining COVID-19 measures. This means that there will not be legal restrictions such as social distancing or wearing face masks. But the Government and the national health/science advisors have been clear that COVID hasn’t gone away. It’s not that those measures don’t matter anymore, it’s thatContinue reading “The risks for churches post 19th July”

COVID and church re-opening

I’m continuing to try and provide little updates regarding what we are seeing in terms of COVID-19 data. My aim in these posts is particularly to help church leaders have visibility of the type of information that will be informing the Government’s decision making on whether to re-open fully on the 19th July. This week,Continue reading “COVID and church re-opening”

Is it time to stop publishing the COVID case data daily?

There are increasing calls, not just from politicians but from scientists too for the daily update on COVID cases to end. Some countries have already moved to weekly reporting. The argument is that reading about exponentially growing cases serves to increase anxiety among the public. It also means we don’t look at COVID in perspective.Continue reading “Is it time to stop publishing the COVID case data daily?”

COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!

I’ve been trying to give a regular update for church leaders on how things are looking regarding final reopening on the 19th July.  So first of all, the not so good news.  You’ll be fairly well aware of this by now.  Over the past few weeks we’ve seen COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly. The increase seemedContinue reading “COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!”