How God shows up in Jesus

I’ve mentioned many times how helpful I’ve found Paul Williams and Barry Cooper’s approach to answering difficult questions helpful.[1] So often when we engage in apologetics we find ourselves wanting to take the person to Jesus and the Cross but find ourselves side tracked by complex apologetics. So I found it liberating when at aContinue reading “How God shows up in Jesus”

“If we cannot learn about relationships from the Trinity then where can we?”

This is a quote from my article on Ware and Grudem the other day. It was picked up by Liam Goligher who argued that the statement was flawed because first of all there is a creator/creature division and secondly because the members of the Trinity are persons not people, there is no partition on GodContinue reading ““If we cannot learn about relationships from the Trinity then where can we?””

How does the Father relate to the Son? (A second look at John 5:19-27)

The context to John 5:19-29 is that Jesus had healed on the Sabbath. He claimed the right to do this because he was doing what his Father did.  His opponents saw in this reference to God as father a claim to divinity and therefore blasphemy. We can assume from that, that it was not theContinue reading “How does the Father relate to the Son? (A second look at John 5:19-27)”

The Son with two wills

In my last article on EFS, I began to talk about something called the Third Council of Constantinople.  You may be forgiven for not having heard of it even if you are well read in Church history and doctrine. It does not have the same prominence as some of the other Councils such as ChalcedonContinue reading “The Son with two wills”

Eternal Functional Subordination, The Will of God and The Creeds

In the last two articles on EFS, we picked up on what Jesus says in John 5 and Matthew 26. We saw, that on the face of it, The Son submits his will to The Father.  Proponents of EFS argue that this is exactly what the Son is doing and that this must be anContinue reading “Eternal Functional Subordination, The Will of God and The Creeds”

The Son with amnesia?

In an earlier post, I talked about the challenges and the importance of talking about the Doctrine of God. I mentioned the controversy around the Doctrine of the Trinity and the Eternal Functional Subordination debate. Over the next few posts, I want to talk in a little more detail about this.  My personal view isContinue reading “The Son with amnesia?”


God is simple. That might be a surprising thing to say, shocking even.  We tend to use the word pejoratively.  In our world, simple is associated with inferiority and stupidity. In our world things move from simple to complex. So we had better sort out quickly what we mean by simple and complex in thisContinue reading “Simple”