Who judges?

Traditionally in our legal system there are distinct roles in ensuring that the Law is obeyed. The Police are responsible for enforcing the Law. This means that they seek to prevent crimes being committed by acting to pre-empt criminal activity. It means that when someone has broken the law they have the power to arrestContinue reading “Who judges?”

Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)

Have you noticed the consistent theme that has come through the recent government briefings. Within that umbrella word “government” I am including the road map document, civil servants, science officers and the devolved governments in Scotland. I know there were some controversial issues, some confusing messages and some disagreement. However, everyone was agreed that weContinue reading “Trusting God for the long-haul (2 Peter 3:1-7)”

Are we being punished?

Is Coronavirus a punishment sent from God to bring justice to the wealthy, secular west for its rejection of him and its failure to love the poor? Is it discipline for the church, a response to the way in which we have become individualistic? If meeting together doesn’t bother us that much then should weContinue reading “Are we being punished?”