Return to the church building -some ideas for the future

Yesterday, I shared an update on our plans to re-open the Chapel building for public worship. We are starting very cautiously and are determined to be meticulous in following the guidelines. There are also some things that the guidelines currently provide for but we have current held back from doing because we want to approachContinue reading “Return to the church building -some ideas for the future”

Returning to church buildings – what does the Government guidance say?

From the 4th July, church buildings will be able to re-open for public worship. It is our intention   at Bearwood Chapel to re-open in some format as soon as possible. We will also continue to use social media to provide online connections and services over the coming weeks and months. In two further articles thisContinue reading “Returning to church buildings – what does the Government guidance say?”

Meeting “The One”

The other day as part of #AfternoonTea, we talked about relationships and the question of “Is there the one?”  In other words, does God have one specific and ideal partner in mind for you who will complete you in every way. In classic style, I responded with the good old “No and yes.”  Now thatContinue reading “Meeting “The One””