Living through a lengthy lockdown -facing the emotional challenges

Below is our latest Afternoon Tea conversation.  The key points from the discussion were Our experience of lockdown may feel very similar to a grieving process The following 7 stages of grieving have been identified SHOCK & DENIAL- You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. … PAIN & GUILT- …Continue reading “Living through a lengthy lockdown -facing the emotional challenges”

Food from around the world wide web

Leadership in a lengthy lockdown The FIEC have been providing some helpful resources for churches in lockdown. Here’s their most recent webinar. We are realising that elements of the lockdown are likely to be around for a long time and it will be quite some time before church is anywhere near back to normal 10Continue reading “Food from around the world wide web”

Church in long term lockdown

Here’s the recording of today’s #AfternoonTea as we talked through the implications of a long term lockdown for church. Here are my notes from the FIEC’s very helpful webinar with John Stephens on this subject. 1. He opened with Daniel 9 -not identical but some analogies esp the sense of being in a situation longerContinue reading “Church in long term lockdown”

Coronavirus in our care homes – why does sorry seem to be the hardest word?

Special Agent Gibbs is the hero of NCIS.  A man of few words with his own traumatic past, he leads a team of agents with a passionate commitment to justice.  One of the unique things about Gibbs is that he has a rule for everything, a code to live by.  One of his best knownContinue reading “Coronavirus in our care homes – why does sorry seem to be the hardest word?”

Learning the right lessons – it is possible to engage

Early in the Coronavirus pandemic I shared a few articles about the dangers of learning the wrong lessons from the data that was being thrown at us about how different countries were doing.  I want to follow that up with some articles about what we can learn about the virus. My reason for saying thisContinue reading “Learning the right lessons – it is possible to engage”

Coronavirus Interview with a Doctor

We had the opportunity to catch up with Dr Steve Sturman on Afternoon Tea today. Here are some of the things we talked about (watch the interview below) – What is it currently like to be working in hospital? – Is it safe to go into hospital if I’m unwell with another condition? – WhatContinue reading “Coronavirus Interview with a Doctor”

Coronavirus – do the models work?

A lot of decisions about Coronavirus over the past few weeks have been made on the basis of models predicting potential outcomes In fact, it is probably more accurate to say that decisions have been guided by the models than that they have been guided by the science in some unmediated way as though thereContinue reading “Coronavirus – do the models work?”

It is okay to disagree

In the past, I’ve challenged a number of the assumptions that lie behind some of the (in my opinion) wilder accusations thrown at the Government’s handling of Coronavirus strategy. This could make it sound like I believe all is rosy in the garden  and that there are no problems. It might also suggest that I’mContinue reading “It is okay to disagree”

A way out of lockdown (part 2)

In my first article, I argued that Evangelical churches should be proactively participating and making recommendations to the government about how we move out of lockdown. In part two I want to think through some of the scenarios and how we might respond. I notice that the church of England is already putting forward it’sContinue reading “A way out of lockdown (part 2)”

A way out of lockdown?

People are now beginning to think more and more about what the exit strategy from lockdown might be like.  There are some concerns about the level of engagement with what this means for churches – especially as the secular media seems silent on this. Perhaps we should not be surprised. In more encouraging news, nationalContinue reading “A way out of lockdown?”