Summer Is Coming

Summer and Winter Apparently in Game of Thrones, the Stark family have a saying “Winter is Coming.” It is a chill warning of dark and dangerous days ahead.  I have started using the hashtag #SummerIsComing on social media. Why?  Well, it feels very much like we are in the dark nights of winter as we… Continue reading Summer Is Coming

"I don't want you to panic …. I want you to think."

“I don’t want you to panic, I want you to think.” Those words are striking, they come from a young German activist who has taken an opposing position to Greta Thunberg. I quoted her in my first video chat “Don’t Worry.”   Whatever your position on climate change and whether you agree with either view… Continue reading "I don't want you to panic …. I want you to think."


Thankless (Ecclesiastes 9:11-10:4) For Starters Who would win? 100 metre’s sprint: Usain Bolt or me? A physics quiz: Stephen Hawkings or Donald Trump? A football match: Chelsea or Bradford City? How do you feel when you put in a lot of thought/effort but get little or no thanks 2. A Look at the Text In… Continue reading Thankless?


Uncertainty (Ecclesiastes 11:1-6) For starters Share honestly with each other your current emotional state as we face a period of uncertainty Have you had to make sudden and drastic changes to your plans as a result of Coronavirus? Give examples. Have you made specific plans to get you through the next three months? A Look… Continue reading Uncertainty


Ecclesiastes 10:5-20 “Irony” For Starters -getting us thinking If you could be king for a day what would you do? A Look at the Text What does it say? Rulers can turn the world upside down (v5-7) V5:  Kings are more than capable of erring and when they do, it has the effect of turning… Continue reading Irony

The Enigma Sermons (Ecclesiastes)

The Enigma Sermons I’m going to be sharing some talks (video and written)/studies on Ecclesiastes as this has been our Sunday Night series. However I am aware that some of you will appreciate some catch up and background. So I’m going to post a few articles today with background, themes and some past studies. Warning… Continue reading The Enigma Sermons (Ecclesiastes)

Food from around the World Wide Web

Things to do during the shut down John Piper has famously said “Don’t waste your life…” It is important that we don’t waste the opportunities God is giving us, even in the middle of a health crisis. Praying at a spatial distance  Nick Moore writes: With ever stronger advice against social interaction and the prospect… Continue reading Food from around the World Wide Web