Hastening Christ’s Coming

Why do we get so frustrated when we see people breaking the lockdown rules? It’s the same reason that we used to get frustrated at school when the teacher said that we would be kept behind longer if people kept messing about. We just wanted everyone to behave so that the detention would end andContinue reading “Hastening Christ’s Coming”


A significant conversation at the start of the coronavirus was about the distinction between seeking to manage the virus and seeking to suppress the virus. Along with most other governments, the UK took the suppression route because of the expected higher death tolls from management only,] It is therefore important to think carefully about whatContinue reading “Suppression”

"I don't just want you to survive…"

Here is our latest vlog. We are trying to provide both written and audio/visual content. In today’s video, we look at Psalm 29 and ask the question “Is it possible to do more than just survive a crisis?” I am grateful to some of our asylum seeker church family who have taught me much aboutContinue reading “"I don't just want you to survive…"”