When is a church not a church?

As we return from lockdown, there are still some significant restrictions expected about how we will be able to go about meeting together. The one that has provoked the most reaction has been the likely ban on singing and yet, maybe more importantly (and still with minimal discussion) we can expect restrictions on baptism and… Continue reading When is a church not a church?

Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus

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Crisis brings out the best in us and the worst in us. I remember some wise advice many years ago from a pastor. Similarly, a tragedy like Coronavirus will not magically (or mystically even) bring together disunited Christian tribes. This applies not just to different individuals and tribes but to specific issues. If we had… Continue reading Church Unity in a time of Coronavirus

The greater risk

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Whenever I was involved in a major project such as an IT systems implementation, one of the important things we had to do was to put together a risk management plan. There were a number of stages to this. Stage 1 identify the potential risks by listing everything that would possibly go wrong Stage 2… Continue reading The greater risk

Playing the Gnosticism Card

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There’s been a fierce debate going on about whether or not our current church gatherings using social media platforms actually are gatherings. For those who think we are not gathering, one of the primary concerns is that our gatherings should be “physical” or “embodied” because if not this may encourage a form of gnostic thinking… Continue reading Playing the Gnosticism Card

Sharing Communion During Coronavirus

Yesterday, we chose to share communion together as a church family.  This wasn’t something we did lightly because we know that the question of whether or not we can continue with communion is something that churches and pastors have been wrestling with.  Whilst I have struggled at times with the at times dismissive language used… Continue reading Sharing Communion During Coronavirus

The bread that divides?

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A crisis situation like the one we are in at the moment can throw up the occasional bouncer, a theological issue that affects how we do church that we weren’t ready for. These issues can be controversial.  So we want to approach them carefully and with charity. We also need to be ready for the… Continue reading The bread that divides?

Isolation and Communion (conclusion)

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Applying to today – can we share communion during the pandemic? So, this is the bit that you’ve been waiting for. What do I think about sharing communion during the Coronavirus Pandemic?  Is it okay to do it? Whilst the conclusion is specific to this situation, there may be further implications particularly as we care… Continue reading Isolation and Communion (conclusion)

Isolation and Communion (Part 4)

The Truth and Lies issues (Systematic Theology) We have seen that making wise, godly decisions depends on knowing the truth about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation. This means rejecting lies about all four areas of doctrine. In this post we will look at some of the doctrinal (Systematic Theology) issues at stake in our… Continue reading Isolation and Communion (Part 4)

Isolation and Communion (Part 3)

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The Big Picture – Biblical Theology If we are to make wise, Biblical decisions about communion, then we need the big picture. There are two perspectives on this. Biblical Theology which we will look at in this post is all about seeing how the Biblical story of redemption unfolds and different themes develop within it.… Continue reading Isolation and Communion (Part 3)