Bullying, abuse and the problem of co-dependency

I’ve been writing a few articles in response to #MeToo #ChurchToo and recent high profile cases of abusive church leadership. Here I want to write a little more about abusive relationships and how they form. First of all, two quotes from Hannah, or communities and families worker from our twitter account. “Abusers are difficult to… Continue reading Bullying, abuse and the problem of co-dependency

Abuse and bullying in the church

Before Coronavirus struck, I wrote a few articles around the subject of abuse. I don’t want those articles to be lost to distant pre-virus memory. The pain and wait for justice for abuse victims is still there. So, I am going to start adding some of them here. An ugly story close to home If… Continue reading Abuse and bullying in the church

False Accusation

At some point, it is likely that as a believer you will face false accusation. One of the Devil’s names, Satan, literally means “the accuser” his aim is to accuse believers to cause them to feel guilt and shame, he is the father of lies and so it is no surprise that his accusations are… Continue reading False Accusation

Isolation and Communion (part 1)

Chalice with wine and bread. Background with copy space

One Cup? The practical questions for us have rumbled on for years. Traditionally our church followed the practice of passing round the bread first and letting people tear off a piece, then we pass round chalices, each person taking a sip before wiping the rim of the cup with a serviette.  Sharing in the one… Continue reading Isolation and Communion (part 1)

Food from around the world wide web

Friday 26/03/2020 30 Edifying things to watch whilst stuck at home – some recommended TV viewing, a lot of these are on Netflix Upbeat Songs for Quarantined Children – it’s the end of week one of home-schooling. How on earth are you coping. If you are looking for some suggestions to help the kids dance… Continue reading Food from around the world wide web

Food for the long haul

The work of the word is long term and wholistic not short term and piecemeal Relevant? As we have been discussing, facing a major crisis like a pandemic and a lockdown will take more than occasional disjointed thoughts. We need to see the big picture of who God is and what his plans and purposes… Continue reading Food for the long haul

“Everything you Need”

A talk from 2 Peter 1:1-4 Introduction Are you ready for what lies ahead? How are we going to cope? There are practical worries. Will we run out of toilet rolls and bread?  Will we continue to be paid if  there is no work? Will we be physically safe from the virus. Then there are… Continue reading “Everything you Need”

Summer Is Coming

Summer and Winter Apparently in Game of Thrones, the Stark family have a saying “Winter is Coming.” It is a chill warning of dark and dangerous days ahead.  I have started using the hashtag #SummerIsComing on social media. Why?  Well, it feels very much like we are in the dark nights of winter as we… Continue reading Summer Is Coming